Four Months Before the Fuchsia Show
Pinch your plants now to have blooms by show time
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Nodes are the key to successful pinching. You will measure from node to node to find your optimal cutting place. There are several nodes marked on the sample to the left. They are easier to see because the plant is viewed from above.
Count nodes from the pot or bottom of the plant up to the top of the plant. See labels of nodes to the right.
Some plants have nodes that are widely separated giving the plant a leggy look. These sections will not give a full, bushy appearance to the plant.
Count two nodes up the stem, starting at the pot. Cut the stem just above the second node, removing all leaves and further stem above this spot.
This clipped or 'pinched' spot is where the next branches will grow. New growth produces new blooms. You will pinch your plant three more times in order to promote more blossoms and luxuriant growth.

Pinching for Blooms
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