Oregon Fuchsia Society

​Fuchsia Procumbens, also known as the creeping fuchsia, is endemic to New Zealand where it is currently listed as threatened.  This unusual fuchsia is unlike any other fuchsia in that it produces 3 distinct flower forms, flowers with only working male parts, flowers with only working female parts, and hermaphroditic flowers.  It is the only yellow fuchsia blossom and has beautiful blue pollen.  Grow this unusual fuchsia as a hanging plant or a groundcover trailing over a wall or along the ground.
What is a club plant?  Every year members of the Oregon Fuchsia Society grow a club plant. This is a plant that has been chosen by the club leadership. Upon arrival, they are the same size. Members take them home and transplant them into a pot, also determined by the leadership. After that every member grows them according to their own style and practices. At the judged fuchsia show in August, members bring their club plant and there is a friendly competition to see whose plant grew the best. It is always interesting to see how differently all the plants grow.