The 2024 Club Plant
Fuchsia 'David'
Our 2024 OFS Club Plant was unveiled to much fanfare at our April meeting where members eagerly picked up their plants.

Fuchsia 'David' is a vigorous, single-flowered upright that adapts as equally well to pot culture as it does to being growin in the garden as a winter-hardy fuchsia, where it might reach four to five feet in a season. Of course, it won't reach nearly those proportion in the standard club plant pot but our members will certainly be seeing that it can get up to. This classic red & purple was first released in the United Kingdom by breeder & author W.P. Wood in 1937.
What is a club plant?  Every year members of the Oregon Fuchsia Society grow a club plant. This is a plant that has been chosen by the club leadership. Upon arrival, they are the same size. Members take them home and transplant them into a pot, also determined by the leadership. After that every member grows them according to their own style and practices. At the judged fuchsia show in August, members bring their club plant and there is a friendly competition to see whose plant grew the best. It is always interesting to see how differently all the plants grow.

The Oregon Fuchsia Society