Oregon Fuchsia Society


Success with fuchsia hanging baskets is dependent on water management. Before watering, lift the pot. If heavy, wait another day or if light, add water. Fuchsias in containers do not tolerate wet feet. In cool weather, be cautious of adding more water. Fuchsias grow best in fast-draining soil. The water should flow out the bottom of the pot when watered. In extremely hot weather, do not automatically water a heavy pot. Windy conditions will dry a plant rapidly, so monitor pots often and water accordingly.

In extremely hot conditions, move your hanging pot(s) to a shady area and place near the ground on an upside down bucket, Keep the soil around the pots moist. As this water evaporates, it will cool the area. This method can also be used on hard surface patios, in shaded conditions.  Do not overwater, despite the plant appearance. The soil in the pot(s) should be damp. Mist plants several times a day to cool.

To avoid pests like white fly, spider mites and aphids, give the plants a light water spray in the morning. Also, provide good air circulation around the plants by not crowding them. If a pest problem develops, isolate the affected plant(s) and use a commercial spray per manufacturer’s directions. Be sure when spraying with water or commercial spray, to include spraying under the leaves.

Fuchsias are heavy feeders, and need a liquid fertilizer once a week to bloom fully. Never fertilize a dry plant. Make sure the soil is damp first before applying fertilizer.

Fuchsias need sun and will not bloom fully in heavy, deep shade. On the other hand, unprotected afternoon sun is very hard on hanging baskets, so some shading will be needed if exposed in the afternoon.