Three Months Before the Fuchsia Show
Pinch your plants again to have more blooms by show time
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One month ago it was easy to locate the nodes and to know where to pinch your fuchsia. The picture has changed a bit now.
New branches have grown out from every place you pinched. Pinching also forced the plant to put out new growth all along the stems.
At first the view looking down from the top of the plant seems like a mass of green leaves and stems.
But the nodes are there. And they will be your guide for the next session of pinching.
Count the nodes as you did last time. Start from the stem at the place of the recent growth. The trimmings will be very small this time but this precision pinching will make the plant bushier and better shaped. It will also produce more blossoms for you.

Compare the Results
After first pinching in April
One month later
After pinching in May
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